National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

All About Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Accessible Vehicles

Although National Mobility Awareness Month 2015 is coming up just around the corner, it’s important to always know your best options when it comes to accessible vehicles and mobility equipment. To keep you informed and aware of the latest in the mobility industry, our team at NMEDA has worked to compile a few key bits of information to keep in mind if you’re thinking about purchasing a handicap accessible van or vehicle.

Full Sized Vans
Full-size vans are an option for drivers and passengers with disabilities, boasting spacious interiors, accessible entrances and a number of possibilities when it comes to conversions. With room for lowered floors, raised roofs and automatic or manually powered wheelchair lifts, these vans make entering and exiting the vehicle much easier for those with physical limitations. They are a great option for families on the move, as they’re able to safely and comfortable accommodate larger groups.

Another proven mobility solution for those looking to get behind the wheel is a handicap accessible minivan. These vehicles are more compact than their full size counterparts and they also offer better fuel efficiency. Additionally, they can be equipped with many of the same features as full size vans, including lowered floors, wheelchair lifts and transfer seats. Minivans also give motorists an option of entering and exiting from the side or rear of the vehicle, depending on the needs of the driver and/or passengers.

Other Options
While full sized vans and minivans are most popular amongst drivers with disabilities, there are a number of options available to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs. With the addition of a wheelchair or scooter lift, carrier, or ramp, a sedan, pickup truck, MV-1 or even a motorcycle can be fully accessible for driver or passengers with disabilities. Talk to your local NMEDA dealer to learn more about more exciting options available when it comes to mobility equipment.


A wheelchair accessible vehicle equipped with the right adapted mobility equipment for your needs can make an incredible difference in the way you go about your daily life. Our specially trained and skilled network of dealers, technicians and mobility equipment specialists are proud to be a part of the process of matching you with the perfect vehicle for your particular needs. Contact the NMEDA dealer nearest you for more information on how you can make your time on the road safer and more comfortable.