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Abbiegail Jackson

Auburn, AL

Entry Photo for Abbiegail Jackson - Auburn, AL

I want to nominate a very special child. Abbiegail is seven years old and suffers from microcephaly,seizures, and a rare disease known as Olivo Ponto Cerebellar Atrophy. She has outlived the two years that doctors predicted she would live. Abbie’s family was once told she was listed as “failure to thrive” which means she was below the fifteenth percintile in height and weight for her age. Now she is growing healthier every day, and for that, we are very blessed. She has been through three surgeries to better her quality of life. One of her surgeries was the placement of a gastrostomy tube. Doctors believe this is the best method for her nutrition for now.

Abbiegail is a very happy little girl. She has a way of bringing a smile to the face of everyone around her. Even though she is 100% dependent on her mommy and daddy and can’t participate in a lot of activities with kids her age, Abbie always wears a smile.

With that being said, I am concerned that she is not able to get out as often as she could. Her parents make frequent trips to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Al – which is two hours away from where they live. Currently, the vehicle she is transported in is an older Mazda minivan. Abbie is 100% dependent on her wheelchair, but their current vehicle is not wheelchair accesible. Each time she is transported from the wheelchair to her car seat, it takes a toll on her body. I predict within next year she will be too long to fit in her car seat.

Special needs equipment can be very costly, so Abbie’s family is unable to buy a wheelchair van due to the expensive price. With Abbie’s current condition, she requires 8 doctors, not counting her occupational, speech, and physical therapists. A van for Abbie would completely accomadate transportation to her doctor’s visits and therapy sessions. Abbie is now 65 lbs and is getting too big for her car seat.

Helping her family win a van for Abbie will be the greatest blessing that we alone cannot give her. I thank you all in advance! God bless.