National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Alexis Gluck

Rock Island, IL

Entry Photo for Alexis Gluck - Rock Island, IL

My sister and I would like to nominate Alexis Gluck and her amazing daughter Cecilia as our local heroes. These two are fighters and we can’t think of anyone else that deserves this more.
Ceci was born on May 13th 2005. She was Alexis’ first child, she was premature and was born with many conditions that even the specialists did not know she would have. She spent 2 weeks in the NICU and had her first major surgeries only hours after her birth. Alexis stayed by her side every one of those days and slept in a recliner just to be with her baby girl although Alexis herself had surgery days before that.
Alexis has been a devoted and dedicated mother to Ceci since the day she was born and has held her through all 29 of the major surgeries she’s had, every day she has spent in the hospital (too many to recall), through every test, appointment, emergency moment and through each new diagnosis. And Ceci fights harder than anyone we know. This little girl is amazing! She spends the majority of her day in her beloved power wheelchair and never takes no she can’t do that for an answer.
Ceci does youth theater, she participates in girl scouts, horseback riding, and she does beauty pageants, cheerleading and anything else that catches her interest. She does not let her disability stop her in any way. She is so loving and caring as well and has an amazing outlook on life. She loves making people aware of other kids fighting strong like herself and is actually doing a Girl Scout cookie fundraiser now for the kids at Children’s hospital in hopes of bringing some smiles.
Ceci and her mom would greatly benefit from receiving an accessible vehicle. Ceci has severe osteoporosis in her legs and has fractured from the slightest pressures. She’s sadly suffered from over 15 leg fractures over the past years. So getting her in and out of a vehicles seat is proving to be unsafe for her as she grows. And Alexis has fibromyalgia so you can imagine how painful it can be lifting a growing 8 year old in and out each time she needs to go somewhere.
We believe that these two are true heroes. Please help them have the safety that they both need and the freedom that Ceci deserves.