National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Alma Alvarez

Paterson, NJ

Entry Photo for Alma Alvarez - Paterson, NJ

My name is Alma Alvarez I am entering myself into this contest because I am a disabled woman in desperate need of a handicap van!

It would truly be a blessing and dream come true from the sky if I ever have the opportunity to have a handicap van and have freedom!

I would finally stop being a prisoner of my home I would be able to go out and see the world and enjoy it, going to the park and get some sun & vitamin D on my skin that I need because I suffer from lack of vitamin D from being indoors for so long.

I don’t get to go out because I don’t have a van even to get to my doctor’s appointment is difficult it’s been so long that I don’t go out to a theater to watch a movie to a restaurant for dinner or to church and even to the mall!

I have four true friends who are the four walls in my apartment that are with me 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I desperately need a break from these walls by getting out of this apartment!

I would use the handicap van to bring with me wherever I go my portable breathing machine and the battery. I would start living & loving life and be happy once again with the smile I use to have!

Who knows I could try & go back to college & finish my degree?

Alma Alvarez