National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Amanda Batchelor

Wilson, NC

Entry Photo for Amanda Batchelor - Wilson, NC

It has not been easy, this journey that Amanda is on, that’s why she’s my hero! Her life went into a different direction on Christmas Day 2011, at the age of twenty-four. She was paralyzed from the chest down in a horrific car accident, while the responsible party in the other car walked away. There were months of therapy, minor surgeries, and much discomfort and emotional pain. We have never heard her complain. Her attitude has always been, “If this is my life now, then let’s make it count for something”. She set out on this journey to find purpose and happiness. Amanda is constantly looking for ways to share that purpose with others. She has had the opportunity (she calls it a privilege) to speak at many public and charitable events, educating and advocating for the disabled, and encouraging those in any type of desperate circumstances to “hang on.” She helps those who hear her speak and those who know her to remember that strength and joy come from faith and love. Despite her disability, she is determined to enrich the lives of others. She learned to do paintings that she gives as gifts and donations. She collects magazines to deliver to local hospital patients. She reads at story time for elementary school students and gives her time and patient attention to teenagers in her church’s youth group. She visits nursing homes and visits the elderly. Her focus is always on others.
Her desires are similar to other young women. She wants to share her life with others ( actually, if you knew Amanda, you would know that she wants to share her life with EVERYONE). She wants to be able to travel to see family and friends, speak at events, go to church, therapy, scheduled and unscheduled doctor appointments, Carolina basketball games, and go to her favorite place, the beach. Amanda needs a van in order to get out among us.The paralysis keeps her separated from physical activity, but the lack of reliable transportation is what keeps her separated from the WORLD. Please help us to help her on her journey. A van will make it possible for her to reach out and show others what we have seen; that her humble and graceful spirit is a light, a beacon, a glowing reminder of why we are truly here.