National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Amber Chaffee

Oxford, IN

Entry Photo for Amber Chaffee - Oxford, IN

My name is Amber Dawn Chaffee and here is my story.
On December 27th 1981 I was born two and a half months early. Due to my premature birth I have lived 34 years with cerebral palsy and it’s been GREAT LIFE, although I’ve faced many challenges and surgeries along the way.
On November 7th 2006 I started work as a full time cashier at Wal~mart. In the past ten years I’ve worked my way up the food chain and am now a back-up Customer Service Manager! In addition to my job, I also use my spare time to compete in the Special Olympics and love on my dog, Mini-Cooper. I could do none of these things without the help of my mom as well as other family and friends who provide me with transportation.
As of March 5th 2016, I’m engaged and planning to marry my best friend next May. I am looking forward to a full and happy marriage, and the beginning of our own family’s story, but I worry about feeling like an equal partner. I don’t want my husband to have to provide all of the transportation for me and our future children.
On April 30, 2016 I competed in a pageant for those with disabilities. I was crowned queen, and won a spot to compete in the national pageant. Although I always knew it, on that day I really saw that I am a part of something bigger than myself, that the other girls and I were walking the same path with no judgment around us. Because of that experience, I have been inspired to travel and visit others with disabilities with encouragement. I want to let them know that they’re not alone on this journey and that they too can be anything they want to be if they follow their dreams.