National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Amber Chaffee

Oxford, IN

Entry Photo for Amber Chaffee - Oxford, IN

Amber Dawn Chaffee is a hero to anyone who knows her! Amber was born 2 ½ months early on December 27, 1981. Weighing only 2lbs 13oz, Amber wasn’t supposed to live. As a result of her early birth, Amber was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She came into this world fighting and has NEVER stopped! While in high school, Amber was a member of The Sunshine Society. She served as Secretary during her Junior year, and as a co-officer for Secretary during her Senior year. With the Sunshine Society, she participated in many service projects throughout the community. Her favorite was making visits to the nursing homes.

Amber has been a Special Olympics athlete since 1994, competing in track and field events, rhythmic gymnastics, and bowling. She gives greatly of her time to charity, helping to raise money during the Polar Plunge at Purdue University the last two years. Thanks to the generosity of others (a ride!), she was actually able to attend the Plunge earlier this year. Amber graduated from High School in 2000 and moved out on her own in 2001. In 2006 she began working full time as a Cashier at Walmart. Amber has accomplished the above – and much, much more – due to the generosity of others. A simple thing like driving seems routine to so many. Even after gaining her drivers’ license, Amber still can’t drive on her own. If she wants to go to work, to a movie, to get groceries, etc, she needs a ride. Her mother (Dawn) is currently the only one who can transport her chair. If Dawn can’t drive, Amber can only take her walker – IF she can find another ride! Using a walker for an 8-hr shift can cause EXTREME pain. But our hero fights through and works anyway!

Amber is a proud Aunt of five nephews and one niece. She would love to play a bigger role in their lives, but is unable to get to their activities on her own. She would like to volunteer – anywhere and anytime. Amber has many things she would like to accomplish. Without an accessible vehicle she has to depend on others. Amber would do anything she could for anyone who needed her – and she does as much as she can. She has her “independence” by living on her own, an accessible vehicle would help her gain true independence.