National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Andrew Brown

Birmingham, AL

Entry Photo for Andrew Brown - Birmingham, AL

I’m nominating my almost 21 year old son (birthday is May 7th!), Andrew Brown, as a local hero, and as to why he deserves an accessible van. Andrew was born with Cerebral Palsy, which affected his physical abilities only. Even though he depends on a power wheelchair for mobility, and a caregiver for transition and personal care, he has never let that hold him back from pursuing his goals and dreams, even when others thought it was impossible. Andrew has loved and learned about music since the age of two, and later, in Junior High School, he became interested in theatre as well. This led him to becoming the first wheelchair bound participant in Red Mountain Theatre Company’s prestigious Youth Ensemble, located in Birmingham, Alabama. These are highly regarded musical performance groups, whose participants are selected based on auditions, and they have to re-audition each year. Andrew then had the dream of going away to college and living on campus. Almost everyone, except Andrew, his mother (myself), and his older brother Hunter (two years older than him), thought this would never happen. Now, Andrew has completed his third year at The University of Montevallo, living on campus. For his upcoming senior year, he will be living in a house with three roommates (one his caregiver). Andrew has always required an accessible van for transport, for himself and his power wheelchair. It is important that he has a safe and reliable van, but even more so as he is becoming an adult, living away from home, and depending on his caregiver and friends to drive to help him get around. The van he has know is old, and is not safe or reliable at all. Andrew has so much potential! He is remarkable in his knowledge of history, politics, knows so much about movies (documentaries especially), music, is very articulate and a wonderful writer; he is kind of a Renaissance man! He has much to contribute to the world. We want Andrew to continue to push the boundaries and limits of his Abilities. Thank you for reading this about my wonderful son!