National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Ann Bennett

Heuvelton, NY

Entry Photo for Ann Bennett - Heuvelton, NY

I grew up in a town where if you wanted to get somewhere, you walked. At 5yrs old I walked a mile to school. Both my parents worked so it was a 2 mile walk home from swim practice. I didn’t realize how much walking was a part of my life and it was never a problem until at 12 I started falling down every 100ft or so. At 16 I started the medical marathon for a diagnosis and at 20 was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis.

I was lucky. I had surgery and went into remission, finished college, got married, had 2 miracle babies, started a farm, until at 43 I got the chicken pox for the 3rd time and lost the ability to walk. I have been told I am the poster child for fighting past my disability and continuing with my life, I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis.

As my husband and I get older driving and riding with a wheelchair to load becomes more challenging and difficult. I love to travel and my husband figures if we put $25 a week aside in about 80 yrs we’ll be able to get a handicapped vehicle. We have an organic farm, I run the greenhouses and preserve what we grow. I would love to see more of this country and visit family. An accessible vehicle would change the quality of my life, giving me freedom to get anywhere I wanted to go, just like walking did. I’d be able to continue running the farm more effectively and move past my disability again.