National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Barbara Boyd

Kansas City, MO

Entry Photo for Barbara Boyd - Kansas City, MO

Hi! My name is Barbara Boyd and I would very much like an opportunity to win a wheelchair accessible van. For the last five years, I have been confined to my two bedroom duplex with no way of enjoying the freedom I once had when I was able to drive my own vehicle. Yes, I’m stir crazy. In spite of being physically challenged and a product of growing up in an unstable home, it has not stopped me from being a pillar in my community and church for decades, especially working with children. With having polio since the age of 19 and on a brace and two crutches, I’ve never allowed obstacles to stand in my way. My motto has always been, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. With a young family at the time I was struck with polio, I went on to raise and support my four beautiful children and be a “play” Mom to many more. I’ve won countless awards for my development of and involvement in many groups such as; gymnastic teams, drill teams, girls scouts and more. Even today, some of these children, now grown, will tell me of the influence I’ve had in their lives. Now, I’m in need of transportation, as I am in a wheelchair and due to a banged up shoulder, I’m unable to drive my car without a major mobility enhancement something I’m unable to afford on a fixed income. Even if I was able to afford the enhancements, I wouldn’t be able to use it independently due to the wheelchair. A van like you’re giving away will allow me to become “free again” without having to rely solely on others or burdening them to do my bidding. I’m spunky and still have a lot of life to live with places to go, people to see and responsibilities to take care. I would greatly appreciate your consideration. Thanks in advance.