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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Brianna Mosley

Ringgold, GA

Entry Photo for Brianna Mosley - Ringgold, GA

Clickity, Clack, Clunk…Imagine my concern as the realization sank in that our 1998 van engine finally died leaving us stranded on the side of the interstate. Brianna and I were headed for a doctor’s appointment in Nashville, TN, two hours away from home and no way to get my local hero to a safe place. Although the local police wanted to assist us, there was no way to transport my daughter in her wheelchair.
While breaking down on the side of the interstate with a severely disabled child felt like a nightmare, I had to remember that even in those circumstances we were quite blessed. Brianna, wasn’t even supposed to have survived delivery. “Being a single mom of a child diagnosed with V.A.T.E.R syndrome will be too hard, make a choice” the doctors said. Not once, do I remember being promised that life would be easy; not for me and most definitely not for my daughter.

What does V.A.T.E.R looks like for Brianna? The doctors say she is a unique and one of a kind. She is blind, has a Lilliputian stature, is unable to use her muscles, has only minimal use of arms and thus in confined to a wheelchair. She has a Ileostomy, is unable to verbally express her needs, and requires constant supervision due to epilepsy and allergies. Teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, medical staff and family all help to meet my precious daughter’s needs including feedings, changings, chest percussion to help remove mucus, ROM, and body repositioning. BUT….18 years later, I am reminded that every day is a gift and all of her accomplishments are nothing less than miracles. No matter how difficult the day, a giggle or a smile from her can change the mood.

Brianna loves music, car rides, being outdoors, camping and laughing at her sister. For years it was hard to sit through meetings or doctors’ appointments hearing what Brianna couldn’t do. Brianna continues to surprise us all. Through the use of assistive technology, she learned how to activate many items. Currently, she is learning to auditory scan to improve communication. Brianna is my local hero because she continues to prove that we have yet to see her at her full potential.
Please vote for Brianna and help us to more easily be able to transport my Precious Cargo not only to doctors’ appointments, but to doing the fun things she loves.