National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Cherri Barrett

Birmingham, AL

Entry Photo for Cherri Barrett - Birmingham, AL

At the age of fifteen I quit school. After having two children I realized, as a parent, it was important to set an example for my children. I graduated with Honors from U.A.B. Completed my Masters Degree in Elementary Education and earned my E.D.S. Degree.
My first teaching job was in the poorest zip code in the nation 35203. For almost twenty years, my goal was to encourage my students to work hard, never give up and BELIEVE that all their dreams could come true.
I am blessed, I am not physically disabled. I am trying to win this contest for two SUPER HEROES, my mother Ruth and my grandson Chantz.
The first SUPER HERO is my Mother, who is eighty-one years old. She has dedicated her life to helping others. She has many medical problems. She is currently in stage four kidney disease. She has been using a walker; however, it is no longer adequate for her needs. I purchased a motorized wheelchair but without a wheelchair assessable transportation she can not continue to do what she loves most, helping others.

My second SUPER HERO is my grandson Chantz. At the age of five, doctors informed me that he had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He had a very progressive form and he would probably only live until the age of thirteen. In order to deal with the devastating news, I knew all I could do was cram a whole lifetime into the years he was with me.

Chantz has traveled the United States. Many trips to Orlando, Las Vegas, Gulf Shores, Panama City, Atlanta, Gatlinburg, Biloxi, Tunica, Tennessee, Mobile, Georgia and many places in between.

Chantz is a HUGE Race fan and loves all sports. About five years ago he was placed on a ventilator. I cannot do medical so many adventures ended. Years ago we would have spent the entire week at DEGA. He has a new wheelchair that has a game controller as a joystick. He can use one tiny little figure to control the wheelchair. His ventilator is on the back of the wheelchair.

Never stop believing in MIRACLES!! Chantz will be twenty-one in June. He graduated from High School and has an opportunity to attend the University of Alabama if wheelchair assessable transportation is available. Chantz recently stated, “I only see my goals, I do not believe in failure.”
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