National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Christina Hodge

Fishers, IN

Entry Photo for Christina Hodge - Fishers, IN

My hero is Aaron Hodge. He is my oldest child. He has an older brother and younger sister and a whole lot of family and friends that love him dearly.

As of today, Aaron is a teenager. He is 15 years old will be 16 in August. He was able to walk short distances but that has almost stopped this year. He loves video games and electronics. He is in high school now. He uses his power chair in school to be able to keep up with his peers but walks at home. His overall strength has diminished over time which is par for the course with DMD.

Aaron’s prognosis is this. In a year or so, as his muscles fail, Aaron will rely on the use of a wheelchair all the time. He is on heart medication to thin his blood so his heart doesn’t have to pump as hard. This is to help his heart function better for his condition and keep it stronger longer. He also takes calcium and vitamin D pills as he has brittle bones do to his lack of movement.

As his parent one of the hardest things for me to watch is his struggle with the difficult hand life deal him. I mean as his friend’s grow more independent of the parents and start to spread their wings, Aaron’s body is losing it’s ability to move so he needs to become more dependent on us. He wants to be like his friends but can’t fully.

Even with his set backs Aaron is thinking about the future. He wants to be a veterinary technician. He would like to drive not just his power chair and live on his own in a condo or something. His inner strength amazes me sometimes.

Children change your life in the best way. Aaron has changed a lot of people lives, I know this because people have told me so. I’m very proud to have him as my child.