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Christopher Routzahn

Frederick, MD

Entry Photo for Christopher Routzahn - Frederick, MD

My co-workers and I are writing today on behalf of an exceptional man who is an inspiration to many of the students and staff at Rock Creek School in Frederick, Maryland. His name is Chris Routzahn. Rock Creek is a county public school that educates students ages 3 to 21, whom have a variety of special needs where Chris is a beloved volunteer.
At age 15, Chris was injured in a BMX bicycle accident which rendered him a quadriplegic. He NEVER looked back. Coming from adversity, he discovered quickly that he needed to be as self-reliant as possible and took charge.
Chris has worked for the Department of Defense as a police dispatcher before finding his true calling as a volunteer at our school.
Chris is an inspiration to all at RCS, for his quick-wit, dedication to selflessly helping others, and determination to display what the definition of a real man is: to be kind, caring, demonstrative in his actions and most importantly, to offer hope to all those who aspire to achieve even the minutest of accomplishments.
The adaptive van that Chris has now is often in need of repair. There are countless days his van won’t start or parts are rusted, broken or missing, the door or ramp won’t engage. This means, he is unable to venture to his beloved Rock Creek where he is a much-needed addition to students assisting in their educational, personal, and emotional needs. He is sorely missed on those days not only by the staff who rely on his presence and expertise, but more-so by the students who will ask why he is not there and have a difficult day because he is not.
Chris is an avid pool player on six different teams to include a wheelchair and team leagues. He has flown to Vegas for championships and has placed as high as 2nd!
He has received many accolades at Rock Creek and in the county, winning numerous awards for his unending volunteerism to children with special needs . It is truly time for this incredible man to be able to do what he enjoys most without worry or concern: give of his time, his talent, and his heart to students he feels are less fortunate and make a difference in their lives.
We implore you to give this irreplaceable man the freedom and independence to be this hero.