National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Darlene Adamson

Mentor, OH

Entry Photo for Darlene Adamson - Mentor, OH

I’d like to introduce, the love of my life and my hero, Grant Adamson. Grant is disabled and confined to a wheelchair, but you would never know because of his ability to conquer all. His motto is I’ve gotten where I am in life because of my ability not disability and in life you can always find someone worse off than you. His positivity is apparent daily. I’d describe Grant as a man with a different-ability. He “wheeled” into my life in 1998 taking care of me and my 3 children. He always puts our needs before his own. He’s taught our family the true meaning of perseverance. There are many things in life that couples can’t do together when one is disabled such as walking along the beach or hiking up mountains. However, we can cycle together. Grant has a handcycle that allows us to do just that. Grant’s has diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy. To keep his non-atrophied muscles healthy he must continually work to strengthen them. This is where the cycling plays a big role in maintaining a somewhat normal life. He relies on his shoulders, arms, and hands to get himself around. He struggles daily transporting his wheelchair without a handicap accessible vehicle. This circumstance makes it impossible to travel with his handcycle. A wheelchair van would help make it possible for me to transport his handcycle and Grant to transport his wheelchair making life extremely easier. Grant dreams of seeing more of the world cycling for enjoyment, touring, and entering races. He is a different person when he is on his bike. Grant transforms into a different person when he is on his handcycle. It allows him a pleasure in life that many of us take for granted. It sounds like such a small thing, but cycling makes HUGE changes at multi levels for Grant. He would love to be able to transport his bike with him and enjoy life to it’s fullest. When he is cycling he experiences freedom from his wheelchair, an independence beyond belief, and a beautiful feeling of flying low as he pedals with his hands. I see him struggle daily. There is nothing more in the world I would love than for Grant to a have a handicapped accessible vehicle that allows him to experience life, enjoy recreation, and enhance his life all while keeping his muscles healthy.