National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Dave Hastings

Coopersville, MI

Entry Photo for Dave Hastings - Coopersville, MI

My Mom Lori has Muscular Dystrophy. She’s had an uphill climb in life but met the challenges head on with faith and a positive attitude. My parents were married in 1983. Doctors told them they would never have kids. Don’t say the word ‘NEVER’ to them; it will be used as determination to ‘OVERCOME’. I am one of three children.

Mom’s disability regressed from limping to being confined to a wheelchair. There were many trips to the hospital with extensive medical expenses. My Dad (Dave) worked hard to provide as a UPS driver. We never had anything fancy, but the Lord always provided.

In 2004, Mom had a sudden attack, all her small motor capabilities were gone and her independence taken away, just like that! Diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) was like getting struck by lightning twice, she was one of few to have both of these horrible diseases.

My Dad became Moms full time, remarkable, loving caregiver. Helping her get ready morning and evenings, on his lunch hour he came home to feed her, and help her to the bathroom.

In 2012 Dad became ill and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and forced into early retirement with a lower pension plan. MS came with challenges, medical expenses, and major health risks.

In 2014 a miracle occurred, Mom’s MG went away. She is still confined to a wheelchair needing much assistance with Muscular Dystrophy.

With both parents being stricken with hardships, they know how difficult it is having health issues and how much of a financial burden it is. They created a 100% volunteer non-profit, “Lori’s Voice” to help others. They fundraise for special needs children under 18 and assist families with medical expenses that insurance doesn’t cover.

My parents own an older lift van; it’s just a matter of time before it falls apart! The vans undercarriage is completely rusting out and the mechanics on the lift don’t work! The van is as important to them as walking is to most. In a literal sense, it is a vehicle to help others with, as they use it a majority of time for Lori’s Voice (LV). They use it for going to LV events, hauling LV supplies, and for personal use. They don’t have the financial means to purchase a better lift van; it would be beneficial for them to win this nomination! Please see news link about them: