National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Desmond Dove

Baltimore, MD

Entry Photo for Desmond Dove - Baltimore, MD

Desmond was a normal 11yr old boy who only illness was asthma. He was very active. Desmond loved football, swimming, dirt bikes and playing drums. On September 23,2012 Desmond had a real bad asthma attack the resulted him to go into cardiac arrest and loose oxygen to his brain. Desmond was unconscious for 15 minutes which was too long. Desmond was on life support and i his mother had to eventually make the decision to keep him on or take him off. 15 minutes later a doctor from johns hopkins icu came and talk to me and the family and said they was going to put Desmond in a coma for a week to give his brain time to rest and they were transferring him now.

We arrived to the hospital and of course i began to pray. I never thought in a million yrs that I would be going through this but I had to remain strong for me and my daughter. The doctor came and got me and let me see my son. My heart dropped soon as i laid eyes on him. Ok for the next week Desmond was in a coma and while he was in the coma they began to take him off some of the the meds and ventilator because he was breathing on his own. Desmond was in icu for 30 days. While he was there he received a trach and g-tube.Then he was transferred to kki where we stayed there for 7 months. Desmond participated in physical, occupational,speech, and vision therapy.

While at kki Desmond had a couple of surgeries. Baclofen pump, bilateral lower extremity release and got his trach removed. Desmond came home on may 15,2013. We was so excited for him to be home but it was a big adjustment for us. I’ve been maintaining his care so far without any nursing.

Desmond is now 14 and he attends Maryland School for the Blind. He’s recently gotten spinal fusion surgery and he’s also starting aquatic therapy soon.

This van would mean so much to my family we would be able to do a lot of outside activities with him and also plan trips. We have a 2003 Kia Sedona which is not wheelchair accessible so we have to lift him out the chair to put him in the van. Without this van we miss appointments and other activities.