National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Diane Cooper

Bremerton, WA

This is the story of the Cooper family in Bremerton, Washington. It begins with 3 people, with three diverse needs. My father Joseph who is 93, a WWII 100% disabled veteran, his 93 year old wife Cleo who is mentally disabled, and myself age 64 with two debilitating health issues. My father has had 2 strokes in two years, disabled from war injuries, and has limited mobility and suffers with pain and walking issues. His wife Cleo who mentally disabled with mid stage dementia, who is in a progressive stage of confusion and disorientation. My dad was caregiver to us both till his strokes. I am 64 and have spinal lumbar stenosis, a degenerative disc disease, and was diagnosed with MS 16 months ago. I have periods of left leg temporary paralysis because of this condition None of us drive and are dependent on our caregiver, my husband Bob. He travels between the two homes, thank goodness they are close, and gives care, and assistance to us all with meals preparation, medical appointment transportation, grocery shopping, and so much more. We keep him busy and he is wonderful. We can’t always travel together, wheelchair(s) and walkers don’t necessarily fit in the trunk of a car that well. A mobility van would assist three people in this case, and would be a wonderful blessing.

The disabled have special needs, that aren’t necessarily physically, but emotional as well, to travel together and go on outings together is a big gift, we aren’t able to spend much time together as it is now, and to have three people in one family, all having needs at the same time is a daunting task.

Having this opportunity to try for this vehicle is a thrill, and thanks you for considering my family’s story. Diane Cooper