National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Dolores Baker

Victoria, TX

Entry Photo for Dolores Baker - Victoria, TX

My hero is Dolores Danielle Baker. I met her when she was just 4 yrs old and diagnosed with limb girdle disease. Her mother Reba and i were in a relationship, but have since moved on with our lives.When she was a little girl,i was very hard and strict on Dolores,because i knew the world would be harder on her,and she is now seeing for herself at age 22 how the world REALLY works.
We remain in contact via social media and the like and occasionally she will come visit me if time
Permits.We were told that she would be wheelchair bound before the age of 12,yet here she is STILL defiant that she don’t need NO chair. Yeah,she’ll muster a smile and tell me it’s ok, but as a father,i can tell when their kiddo is not well,and the smile is just a mask. I’ve seen Dolores struggle her young adult life and that it may progressively get worse,but never once did i ever hear her complain or say life is not fair,when seeing all her friends going out and doing things that most kids her age were doing.She had to stop frequently and rest,but her condition was NOT going to dictate what she was going to accomplish in just a few years.She is on her way to study business law,and if i have any marbles left upstairs,she will do just fine in any field of study.i had Reba once tell me that i deserve most of the credit for making her who she is today,because of they way i raised her and took care of her.She has a stepfather who is a great man and good to her mother, and sometimes i sit and wonder what might have been.This young woman continues to inspire me in many ways even now with her never surrender attitude and a mind so sharp and mature for someone her age.I am hoping that she will be an inspiration to her peers and many friends that see her in the same way as i do,as i truly believe that Dolores is on her way to great things.Thank you for allowing me to tell our story,God Bless.
Richard Torres Jr.