National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Donna Adams

Lincoln, RI

Entry Photo for Donna Adams - Lincoln, RI

Hi, this is Seth at the age of 13 he had an AVM rupture in right part of his brain leaving him totally disabled. From 100% normal little boy. He understands his surroundings and can respond by looking left to right. He is non verbal, can no longer eat by mouth has a GJTube and has no control over his body. He is 24 hours a day care. After spending 4 months in the hospital he was able to come home to his two sisters and mom and dad. Our home was insufficient to meet his needs so we built a handicap home to accommodate him. Spending money we did not have but he was of the most important now. At the time we had a van so was able to convert it to get him to all his specialist he required to go too. Well now Seth is 25 and we are still struggling to keep going paying a hefty mortgage. Also getting sued by one of his care giver nurse because she fell and dropped him. Which that’s a sad story all on its own. Well now the van that we have been keeping up with all these years to get him out and about has fallen on times. The whole front frame has rotted out unsafe to drive and other body rot has also set in plus little minor things. We have looked at other used handicap accessible vans and it’s just a financial problem that we can’t swing. I do understand you will get many letters to read and all the stories are very important, I just ask you take them all into great consideration. And if you know of other help out there that would be appreciated also. Thank you for taking the time to read about my miracle son Seth. Donna