National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Douglas Allen

Phoenix, AZ

Entry Photo for Douglas Allen - Phoenix, AZ

My name is Glen & my hero is my wife Ashley. Our son Jason has MD & she is the rock that keeps this family going. She is strong when my son can’t be. She went 8 years raising him alone until I came into the picture. I never knew what MD was or how hard life could really get until I found out first hand what they were going through alone. I’m a disabled vet myself & everyday is a struggle to get by, but because she is pushing us I know we aren’t gonna fail. When my son wants to give up she is there to lift him up when I can’t because of my back. She is the one pushing his wheelchair when I can’t stand any longer.

This van would change our lives when we need it most. We recently had my firstborn child London. She is amazing & makes me happy every day even when I”m tired. With a new child though comes new responsibilites financially. With my wife going to stay home to take care of our newborn full time & take care of our son when he gets home means we have to take advantage of every last dollar we have. This van would take the financial burden off our backs & let us be able to live life instead of just get by it. Thats why it’s called living instead of watching. Well I don’t want my family to just watch life fly by. My son already has to deal with too much in life to not be able to enjoy what time he has on this earth be it 5 days or 50 years. Every parent & husband wants the best for their family, unfortunately I can only give my family so much & not what they deserve. This van would help in so many ways that words can’t explain, from a sigh of relief from being able to pay a bill, or being able to afford to take my family on a road trip to Disneyland. Every min of everyday counts when you have a child or family member with a disability, & I don’t want my son, daughter, or wife to live with any regrets. Help me make this a reality & live life with no regrets instead of watch life fly by. We only have so much time.