National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Dylan Lamoureux

Trenton, ON

Entry Photo for Dylan Lamoureux - Trenton, ON

June 9th 2014, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where I was ejected out of the window, dragged and thrown 50ft. I broke my c6 and c7 vertabrates which left me a quadriplegic. Right now we have an SUV which is difficult to transfer in and out of and I can’t bring my power chair for when I’m out on a long day so it is hard on my body. Before my accident I was a very active person. I am now getting back into sports as we are starting a wheelchair rugby team in the area. This van will allow me to get too and from sporting events as well as appointments and physio therapy which I have multiple times a day and save some energy doing so. Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you for helping people who are in need!