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Erica Kidon

Pheonixville, PA

Entry Photo for Erica Kidon - Pheonixville, PA

“YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET WHEN YOU ADOPT!” “I will love that baby even more!” This conversation was with my sister, Erica, who was unable to have a brother or sister for her daughter, Justyce, due to 2 won battles against breast cancer at 26. Her son LJ is 10 years old today, he was diagnosed with Muscular Distrophy as an infant, after she adopted him and then autism as a young boy. To this day she has stayed true to her word! Erica and LJ help raise money and awareness for this disease. She is a selfless, loving and caring, single mom. She has dedicated all of her life to her children and I just want to see her get rewarded for this. The only way she would allow any reward would be if it benefited her kids. She has a long journey ahead of her and this would help with her transporting LJ around doing all the things he loves, trust me, she would drive across the country for him if she could! She has made it her goal to make LJ have the best life here on earth. She puts all of her wants and needs aside for these kids and I would cry my eyes out the day this van showed up at her front door. You can’t find a better soul than hers! Please forge me the opportunity to grab a box of tissues