National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Fletcher Barber

Ringgold, VA

Entry Photo for Fletcher Barber - Ringgold, VA

My hero is my caregiver and my wife Teresa and this is my story. In 2003 I almost lost my life due to a vitamin B-12 deficiency and spent 2 1/2 months in rehab. I had to learn how to dress myself, feed myself and learn to write and walk all over again as I had lost the ability to do any of this due to the numbness of my limbs. Every day she drove to be a part of my progress and to cheer me on. Unfortunately, I did not regain use of my right leg and both legs from the knee cap down are still numb. Teresa had to take on the roll of my caregiver while continuing to work her full time job. I could not drive so every doctors appointment, trips to the stores, church and other places she has had to take me and my manual wheelchair. Our van is not equipped to be able to take my electric wheelchair so she has to lift the other one in and out of the van whenever we go out. I never hear her complain about what she has had to do for me and I know some days have really been rough on her. She cares for me with a smile and all the love she has. It would really take a load off of her if we had a van that I could ride my chair right up into and she would not have to load the other chair any more. I feel like sometimes I have been a big burden on her, but she has stood by my side and never once has she asked why this happened to her helpmate. I sure hope that she gets a lot of rewards for being the person that she is to not only me but others she helps as well. She lost her job of 39 years a few months back and this would surely lesson some of the stress on her. That’s why I am sending this story in hopes that she gets lots of votes even though we were late receiving the contest information. Thank you for letting me share her story and maybe be an inspiration to someone who may be facing the same situation.