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Gage Colnar

North bay, ON

Entry Photo for Gage Colnar - North bay, ON

The hero in our family is our sweet little Gage.
Gage surprised us 5 weeks early on May 15, 2011 and was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.
He was born a rock star.
He underwent his first surgery at 36 hours old to repair the lesion on his spine. His second surgery was at 5 days old to insert a shunt into his brain to help drain the build up of fluid. He had two more surgeries at 3 months old to correct problems the shunt.
Gage has been a fighter from day one and always bounces back in record time. He surprises doctors and amazes us with his resilience everyday.
Although he is faced with everyday challenges, he faces them with intense determination everyday and ALWAYS with a smile that will charm a room.
Gage is incredibly sweet and kind; he has an enormous heart. His joy for life is infectious and his wit will always leave you laughing.

I have provided Gage with everything my resources have allowed. This means we are carrying at least 3 pieces of equipment at any given day. A van is an absolute necessity for our family. An accessible van would be a dream.
My current van is old, and pushing 400,000km. (Crazy!) Living in northern Ontario, travelling for medical appointments is a part of our daily life. We travel 400km away, sometimes twice a month with 2 kids and many mobility devices. Our current vehicle may not be safe for much longer and with our current expenses, there is no money available to replace the van we currently have should it break down on us!!
Please vote for us! There is nothing we would love more!