National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Gail McFarland

Williamsburg, OH

Entry Photo for Gail McFarland - Williamsburg, OH

Over the past several months Gail has been in and out of the hospital she is getting infections her body not being able to fight them off. She has several doctors at University Hospital and all of them agree Gail would benefit a move to Florida or somewhere with hot weather. They have a truck that will not make a long haul, Bobby has to lift her up into the truck and doesn’t mean to but many times he hurts Gail as he is putting her in the truck. For most people we never think about the small things but when you have a disability that limits your mobility the small things make a huge difference. I couldn’t imagine going through everything this child has endured and yet she stays positive and determined to survive.
Gail is entered into a contest where she could win a handicap accessible van. You can vote everyday; please show Gail your love and support. I know we are asking a lot of you but we know you all have a heart of gold and if we all vote and give a little pray….God will help us through our journeys. God Bless and please go VOTE!
Repost to your wall so your friends can also vote.

A note from Gail: The reason I would love to have your votes and win this new van is my children. It is important for me to do all the things a mother does for her children. Taking them to soccer games, school functions, church, family gathers, and doctors appointments. I want to do these things…..I am their mother. God has given me the opportunity to survive these diseases and I will not give up on my children, husband, family, friends and God.
If you can tell your friends and family about me and ask them to vote everyday; I could be the lucky winner of a new 2014 handicap accessible van. I pray harder than anyone could ever imagine…I so want to be me again.
My son Austen, Me, Zach my oldest son and my amazing husband Bobby standing behind me always ready to catch me.