National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Gianna Aabaunza


Entry Photo for Gianna Aabaunza - South San FRANCISCO, CA

Gia is a vibrant five-year-old who just finished kindergarten. Gia is determined, silly and loving. To to those that don’t know her she is viewed as “the poor little girl in the wheelchair.” However, we have taught her through this life altering journey that she can do many things and change the world. She is not the “poor little girl in the wheelchair.”
Unfortunately two years ago, she developed paralysis due to a virus. The paralysis has definitely altered our lives and perspectives of what is important. We have learned so many valuable lessons in having a child with physical limitations. Gia relies on the wheelchair at all times. Though she releis on the wheelchair our mode of transport is not wheel chair friendly. We realize this must change, but financially we are unable to get an adaptable car that will serve Gia’s needs. Currently, both mommy and daddy have to transfer Gia by carrying her and placing her on her seat. Then we carry the wheelchair to place it in the trunk. Unfortunatey, we have suffered some injuries because of this. We are very careful but do not deny the fact that this can not continue long term. We hope that you will consider Gia in gifting her with an adaptable van. It would be such a blessing for our family and would help us tremendously, more than you can ever imagine.