National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Gregory Blundell

North Canton, OH

Entry Photo for Gregory Blundell - North Canton, OH

I have known Isabella [Bella] since birth and her mum Kelly since 2002. Kelly had been a student in a few courses I taught at Kent State University in North Canton Ohio.
Kelly was pregnant at the time but that never interfered with her superb academic performances, and I was thrilled to hear that Kelly had gone into labor soon after the semester ended. Thrill turned to devastation on hearing of the difficulty with Bella’s birth. Nonetheless, Kelly was determined to care for Bells, irrespective of the extent of her dilemma.
As the years have unfolded, the extent and of the variability of activities endeavors associated with Bella’s 24/7/365 care have kept growing, oftentimes in both in intensity and expense. Kelly has faithfully shared these twists and turns and I remain in constant awe of her indefatigable determination to not only provide for Bella’s physical, emotional, spiritual and social development, but so too be an advocate for other children and their families in similar circumstances. I am constantly reminded of what one individual can do to never ever relinquish the dutiful obligation that a mother has to her child, despite having to operate on a proverbial shoestring budget.
My latest opportunity to reiterate my pride in Kelly, happened this past spring when she shared that she had decided to reconnect with her academic pursuits toward a degree that can harness the past 14 years’ experience and manifest a career that justifies everything she has done in her unwavering support of and Bella, a truly precious soul, and others.
Together we have explored a number of degree program options in concert with the course credits that Kelly has already earned, to determine the most appropriate path forward. Kelly identifies with the need for legislative change.
In closing, the implicit and regular requirement for Bella’s socialization into mainstream society makes having a wheelchair accessible vehicle a necessity. As Bella has grown to now tower over Kelly, completing those every day trips to and from the many professionals and facilities becomes more daunting for both to accomplish.
My support for these two heroes motivates and underscore my petition in appealing to your kindness in awarding Kelly and Bella a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
Having one, I am confident, will alleviate some of the physical and financial anguish that they both have had to endure for way too long.
Most sincerely
Dr. Greg Blundell