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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Holly Payne

Cleveland, GA


Hey, I’m Holly Payne. I have a clear picture of my purpose. Sure, there are details I’ll be “walking out” until I finish my life’s assignments, but generally speaking, I’m confident in knowing who I am. Primarily, I am a worshiper of King Jesus. People say I have a gift for being approachable and connecting quickly on a deep level, and I agree with that. I’ve taught introductory computer classes for the University of North Georgia since 2000. Aside from my career endeavors, I founded Deep Calls to Deep Ministries in 2009, with a focus on ministry at local, national and international levels. My life’s calling also includes a mandate to mobilize others into their own destinies. I get so stoked when I see people realize their own purposes in life and begin to operate in them. So I teach professionally, minister one-on-one, and speak to groups. I’m an artist and I’ve authored two books, the most recent of which will be released before this promotion ends. The title, “Fire on Wheels – til I’m Fire on Heels,” sums up my attitude in those exact words. I live passionately. I believe all things are possible to those who believe. I know, because I’ve lived the impossible. At the age of fifteen months, I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that doctors said would take my life before I was three years old. As a toddler, I was expected to have frequent bouts of pneumonia due to the condition, but at 37, I’ve never had it once. God has kept me and protected me. As a result, I don’t want to waste one moment, not one breath.

My van, which I affectionately named “Bertha” 14 years ago, is a 2000 Ford. I’ve been so blessed because she’s enabled me to go places and meet people all over the Southeast. But now, she is showing more frequent signs of her desire to retire. My mother is 75 and my sister, who has Down’s syndrome, both also depend on my vehicle for transportation. It’s important for me to continue working, to be available for my students, and to travel for the ministry. I’m committed to sharing hope, because it’s not enough just for me to live life moving forward myself. I want the same for others. So that’s why I’d appreciate your votes. Thanks and Shalom!”