National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Howard Alford

Missouri city, TX

Entry Photo for Howard Alford - Missouri city, TX

Hello my name is Howard James Alford. I don’t know whether or not to call myself a hero but I have achieved many a goal. I had an operation back in 87 a spinal meningioma which left me with a lot of nerve damage. And all I’ve ever heard since then was things like you can’t do the things like used to, why don’t you take it easy? Or why don’t you just sit home and collect disability.

Technically they were right however I just couldn’t accept it. I tried going back to work and it didn’t quite work out. So I had to go on disability however setting home and collecting it was not an option. You see I like working outdoors is kind of like being your own boss. But I didn’t stop there I find out about this program in New Jersey is where I from called Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) where they were successful in finding me work indoors.

But as years moved on so did my condition so much so that I am permanently in a wheelchair. So after a month of dealing with my situation I figured I might as well try to work smarter not harder. So I got my Associates 2010 and my Bachelors degree in 2013 for healthcare management. I almost forgot I moved to Texas in 2005 and got involved in a program called Divisional Services Rehabilitation (DARS). But again as the years continued to move on so has my condition.

I am also a veteran of the United States National Guard for 10 years with a honorable discharge and I couldn’t even get help from the VA. But that’s okay because I wasn’t going to let that stop me either. I look at all these obstacles as a challenge a challenge I will accept and have. And I don’t want to leave out the most important reason for my stubbornness. That would be my greatest support system my wife of 32 years is with me all the way.

As I said before my condition has gotten worse as you can see I have started thinking a lot smarter these days because I’m using voice activation software in order to find some type of work I can do with one arm. Because I have severe muscle waste. An obstacle? I don’t think so. Thank you