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Jack McGee

Greenwood, IN

Entry Photo for Jack McGee - Greenwood, IN

Jack McGee is an amazing 13 year old boy with athetoid cerebral palsy due to a birth injury. Jack is in the 6th grade at Center Grove Middle School North. He has a sister, Bridey, and 7 step-siblings, William, Joe, David, Tony, Jackson, Jimmy and Carolynne. He is very fortunate to have many who love him!

Jack uses a wheelchair and has a G-tube for feeding. In addition, Jack is non-verbal and uses a variety of communication devices to express himself. His Dynovox is mounted to his wheelchair and he operates it with a switch at his left knee. He also uses a feeding pump while he is in his wheelchair. Jack goes to PT, OT and speech each week for therapy.

There are many reasons why Jack and his family NEED a wheelchair accessible van. Here are a few:

1. Jack loves to play baseball and go to all of his siblings sporting events. As Jack continues to grow, he is becoming stronger and more challenging to transfer from his wheelchair into his car seat. His athetosis causes extraneous movements that make the transfers dangerous at times. Traveling to these events, as well as therapies and doctor appointments, can be nearly back-breaking for his mom, Katie. Jack’s family believes it is very important that he get to do things like other kids his age, but the older he gets, the more difficult it becomes due to his size and disabilities.

2.Communication is vital to all of us, however, whenever Jack travels in the car, he does not have his communication device with him (as it is mounted to his wheelchair). Therefore, he is cut off from participating in conversation until he arrives at his destination. This can be very frustrating for everyone. Remaining in his wheelchair during travel would allow Jack to keep his “voice.”

3. Jack receives feeding through a pump. Oftentimes, he will need to finish a feeding in the car. His mom, Katie, will have to stop the pump, unplug it from his G-tube, transfer Jack to his car seat, and get the feeding set up again. Due to the set-up in the car, oftentimes, Jack will be able to reach and pull out the tubing, creating an unimaginable mess. If he could remain in his wheelchair during travel this would be avoided.

Jack is an amazing inspiration to us all! Please consider voting for Jack!