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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Jacob Hansen

Eagle Mountain, UT

Entry Photo for Jacob Hansen - Eagle Mountain, UT

Jacob Hansen has Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy, so we got a double whammy. He is in a wheelchair and requires total care. Jacob spends a lot of time advocating for people with special needs and helping to speak for those that cannot. He spends time every year testifying before the state legislature, hoping to make things better. Jacob did a testimony last year, trying to get services for children with special needs.

Jacob’s family has a van that is 14 years old and is literally falling apart. In the last month, they have had to invest significantly in repairs. They are leaving parts of mufflers and other things on the freeway as they are driving. Jacob lives in a rural area where there is no public transportation. At this time, Jacob’s dad has lost his job, and the parents do not have resources to purchase another car. Jacob will not be able to go to the doctor’s office, which is over an hour away, if they are unable to find a way to get a van to transport him.

Jacob will be unable to even get to his school next year, when he is in high school, if he is unable to catch the bus. If he gets sick at school, he’ll be unable to get home, because the school is 15 minutes away by car and too far to take the wheelchair home.

If you would like to see Jacob’s personality in some other things that he has done, please look at these two other things. Jacob was part of a story with a local news anchor, Kathy Aiken, as she did a series on making wishes come true, with local sports teams. Jacob loved watching The Utah Grizzlies Hockey games. He was chosen to be able to have this amazing story done, because of Kathy.

Jacob also wrote a song for Relflections in school. He went to Region.

Please help Jacob to get to and from his doctor’s appointments. His family, and even his life, often depends on safe, reliable transportation.