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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Jay Erwin

Deep Gap, NC

Entry Photo for Jay Erwin - Deep Gap, NC

I was driving to work one morning and I was praying for some people that needed prayer. After praying for them I thanked God for His many blessings and for being so good to my family and me. I told God that if something ever happened to me that I would glorify Him like Job in the bible. Hello, my name is Jay Erwin. I live close to a small town in North Carolina called Boone. I have a wonderful wife named Lisa and two incredible children Samuel (19) and Kaitlyn (16). I was a very avid runner and I actually co-founded the local running club here called Boone Running Club. I had my accident on 8/24/13 while cutting a tree which fell on me. My son who never had CPR training, saw that I had no pulse nor heartbeat and he gave me CPR. I believe the hand of God helped him. I was revived by my son and soon after that I was flown by helicopter to a Trauma unit in Johnson City, TN. I was told that I died two more times on the flight. Surgery was performed on my spine and left shoulder. My left shoulder was completely destroyed, but corrected and I had two rods inserted to stabilize my spine. When I came to, after 16 days, I remembered what I promised God and I began doing what God wanted me to do. I was transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. At the Shepherd Center I rehabbed and learned how to live again. I ministered to anybody who needed ministering while I was there. My faith helped me and everyone I came in contact with. Many things have been accomplished since coming home to promote Mobility Awareness. I started Spinal Cord Injury Peer Group USA on facebook which has 138 members now. We held our first “Boone chapter” meeting to help those with a spinal cord injury Thursday, April 3rd. I also started Faith Page (544 members) on facebook and Run4Jay (124 members) all to encourage, inspire and to bring about Mobility Awareness. I am and will continue to let people know that there are many people who are effected by a disability, they are many in need and there are solutions out there to help them. I feel that God is being glorified!