National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jaylene Roberts

San Bernardino, CA

Entry Photo for Jaylene Roberts - San Bernardino, CA

My hero is Jaylene Roberts or as I like to call her mom. My mom provides me with more care than I can put into words. She is the reason I have any inkling of a life today. When I first was injured I basically crawled into my shell and cut myself off from the outside world for over a year. She convinced me to not be defined by the wheelchair I’m confined to. She took me to meet people in my similar circumstances & to handicap functions. She takes me to the park to play with my kids or to the movies like normal fathers do. She’s the reason I still have a relationship with my kids. But after 13 years of getting me in & out of small non handicap accessible car I see the toll it’s taken on her body. So I’m entering this competition because no one should ever have to see their hero in pain.