National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jean LoPizzo

Atkinson, NH

Entry Photo for Jean LoPizzo - Atkinson, NH

In Atkinson, NH, we have many local heroes who volunteer, educate and advocate for seniors and adults with disabilities. We have a strong connection with our veterans and the programs that support veterans. The team at Elder Services are the heroes who provide transportation to homebound seniors.

The department is led by Jean LoPizzo, Director, and Ted Houlihan, Assistant Director, and supported by a team of caring, compassionate and generous individuals who transport residents. As advocates for senior and veteran transportation needs, our need for a new wheelchair van is immediate. Our current vehicle has over 114,000 miles with maintenance costs piling up to keep it going.

At Elder Services we believe our senior citizens are the heart and soul of the Atkinson community. We are grateful to the residents who have helped build the community in which we call home. We are honored to be of service and take the responsibility seriously of providing access to safe and reliable transportation for our seniors.

Transportation Services are available for residents age 60 and over, as well as to any resident with a disability. We provide 2,500 rides annually to our seniors. We have an aging fleet of 5 vehicles including an aging handicap/wheelchair accessible van. Rides are provided for necessary medical appointments and to pick up necessary medical prescriptions that they otherwise would not have access to. Nobody should suffer with an illness, disease or chronic condition because they cannot make it on their own to medical appointments.

Elder Services transportation relies heavily on donated funds and vehicles to support our transportation program.

With a new wheelchair accessible van, we can provide transportation to many residents and veterans, not just one family. We can affect the lives of seniors, and their families, who are trying to stay independent in their homes. We can provide respite care for families by transporting residents to medical appointments, adult daycare, and local errands.