National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jennifer Aleman

New Ulm, TX

Entry Photo for Jennifer Aleman - New Ulm, TX

Hi this is my son Freddie! He is 9 1/2 now and just growing so fast! Freddie has never been diagnosed. He was born with an abnormal brain, cleft lip and pallet, optic nerve displasia, hypo-spadious, a club foot and epilepsy. He has seizures daily and is considered none verbal but he definently has a personality! He has his own way of letting us know what he needs! Freddie loves going out especially to school! Right now I have a stow n go caravan without a ramp. I have to pick Freddie up and put him in his car seat and then lift his wheelchair into the other side. I have already begun to have some back issues so Freddie doesn’t get to go out as much as he or I would like for him! We were blessed with a sweet angel and Freddie is the light of our lives! We wouldn’t change a single day but Having a mobility van would help us give Freddie the most enjoyable life possible! Thank you for the chance to improve his mobility issues!