National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jennifer Andrews

Harrietsfield, NS

Entry Photo for Jennifer Andrews - Harrietsfield, NS

Anthony is a happy, active 10 year old with Angelman Syndrome. His mobility is pretty affected, and he has trouble walking. He uses a wheelchair for transport and safety and LOVES to go out and get active. We’re currently using a pick up truck for our vehicle, which means I have to lift him out of the chair into the truck, then lift the chair into the bed of the truck, rinse and repeat when we get to our destination. With his 80 lbs and myself only being 5′ tall and 110 lbs it’s getting pretty tough to get him and his chair around…..and now he’s getting an even BIGGER chair because he’s a growing boy.
This little guy brings a smile to everyone he meets. He’s always happy and smiling and nothing would make me happier than being able to take him more places without hurting myself in the process.