National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jennifer Waterman

Pinellas Park, FL

Entry Photo for Jennifer Waterman - Pinellas Park, FL

On March 18, 2006 , I underwent emergency C-section to give birth to my beautiful twins, Joshua and Faythe, almost 5 weeks early. Joshua spent some time in the Children’s hospital NICU on CPAP for a few days while his sister was at the hospital where they were born in the NICU there. They were put back together after about a week of being apart and continued to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks.
The twins crawled, rolled and babbled like normal babies. When they were about a year old, they were not sitting up on their own. Took them to doctor numerous times, finally was told to go to specialist to get second opinion. The twins were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Faythe was Hypertonia (high tone) and Joshua was Hypotonia (low tone).
They both started regressing and are now completely immobile.
We have been transporting our twins by regular mini van in special needs car seats. Physically lifting their chairs and putting them in the back of the van. Our vehicle is too old to modify. The twins are starting to out grow their car seats. They are 10 years old now and could really use a wheelchair accessible van for two. Money is limited and we are on a budget , as it is only my husband working. I have been to the doctor already for back spasms and have been told not to lift more then 30 pounds. Both Joshua and Faythe and their chairs weigh more than this. I don’t always have help loading them for appointments, because as I said, my husband is the only one working right now. The twins are comfortable at home…they love listening to nature cds, watching cartoons, and enjoy sitting outside in their chairs listening to all the outdoor sounds. Would love to have them comfortable on their trips to the doctors, parks, etc. as well.
Appreciate the work that you do and also the time that you took to read this.
Thank you.