National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jessica Blinkhorn

Atlanta, GA

Entry Photo for Jessica Blinkhorn - Atlanta, GA

Well, HELLO VOTERS! My name is Jessica and I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type II. I was born in Marietta, GA but have lived in Atlanta, GA since the fall of 2007 when I began grad school at Georgia State University. In May of 2010, I received my MFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing, painting, and printmaking and have worked for Georgia Perimeter College as an adjunct instructor in the Arts since June of 2011. My family and work are what matters most in my world.

I have two wonderful parents who stand by my side and are my heroes! They raised my sister, my brother, and myself with little assistance and instilled in us at a young age to not be defined by our disabilities but to redefine disability! My siblings did so before their passing and I continue to do so in their memory and to honor my family. I live independently, have a group of caregivers and friends who provided me with a strong support system outside of my family, and am surrounded by young creative individuals who teach me, I feel, more than I teach them. I need a van in order to work and meet requests to perform and/or guest speak.

In 2013, a lovely elderly couple gifted me their 98 Ford Windstar – I named her Prudence! Since receiving Prudence my quality of life has increased drastically. I no longer have to spend, what can sometimes be, hours outside waiting on public transportation. My best friend and caregiver, Alex, willingly picks me up from work and has driven me from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL, twice, to perform. Lastly, I got to see the beach which is something I had not been able to do in over 10 years. Yes, Prudence has served me well but, sadly, she is heading toward retirement and I desperately need a replacement. Freedom is addictive and is something most take for granted.

I can’t ask you to vote for me because, truth be told, there are others in far greater need and, like myself, can’t afford the price tag attached to freedom. I can say vote for the individual whose story awakens your soul and reminds you of how beautiful life can be. If that person is me, works could not express my gratitude. To know more about me please visit my website: