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Westley Groseclose

Powhatan, VA

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Westley Groseclose is a typical 10 year old 4th grader and very much like every other child his age. He enjoys reading, video games and playing outside. Westley has always been physically slower than his classmates but never gives up trying to keep up with them. In September 2010 we discovered the source of his physical limitations. Westley was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne is a form of muscular dystrophy which causes rapidly-worsening muscle weakness that starts in the legs and pelvis, and later affects the entire body including his heart and lungs. This protein is like the chocolate chips of a cookie. Those without Duchenne are Chocolate Chip Cookies and boys like Westley are Sugar Cookies. Westley’s body is missing the “chips” that make and keep muscles strong.  Over time this disease will begin to limit his activity. He is already finding it hard or impossible to do simple tasks like use steps or open his dresser drawers. Walking any distance is exhausting so Westley uses a power scooter to get around. Our family is committed to fighting this disease along with Westley by raising money for research and giving Westley all the love, fun and confidence to help him keep the positive outlook he has on life.

Westley has so many struggles and yet handles this disease with a strength and courage of someone beyond his years. He has become a source of inspiration and a hero to so many around him. Please help make it easier for Westley to continue to lead a normal lifestyle by voting for him to win a handicap accessible vehicle.

God Speed