National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jevon Brinkley

Seattle, WA

Entry Photo for Jevon Brinkley - Seattle, WA

To describe Mr. Jevon Brinkley would be best as positivity bubbling personality, that no matter the issue he is always looking for the best in something, whether it be a personal situation like another surgery, broken bone, or a relationship of yours going sour, he is always there for you. A really close friend of his and him having a talk and I remember him describing Jevon as an inspiration living with his bone disease, never let it stop him or complaining about it but always had a smile. Never wanted to quit or stop going, the first one jumping bikes or jumping in the river and the last to leave, the kinda person you just want to be around, and selfless. The one that wants to be treated normal, acts like he doesn’t have a disability, in fact he calls him self handiable. His way at looking at life is one of a kind because he is a one of a kind type of individual. He’s a fighter like non other, a believer in his friends and family, and an inspiration, to those he doesn’t know, but is always willing to give anyone a chance and is always looking at the best in everyone.

His bone condition has limited him from doing all the things he would like to do in life. I know he is the type to not ask for help but through this contest he could possibly be the uncle that is able to take the nephews and nieces out to do the things he wasn’t able to do. Due to his current lack of reliable and accessible transportation, this could be just the blessings to assist in accomplishing his schooling personal and business goals. With this opportunity here I would hope the impact he has made on the people he has met in life, he will continue to do with the help of this contest. I hope this was the type of information you were wanting from me it was all from the heart of myself and others close to him on a daily basis.

Thank you. =) Ashley Reece/caregiver & Tiffany Brinkley/sister.