National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Jezreel Rubio

Maryville, TN

Entry Photo for Jezreel Rubio - Maryville, TN

Rhonda Whiting-Cecchim who sings with Sister of the Silver Sage, and a State Employee, nominates the Rubio Family for National Mobility Awareness Month van contest. Jezreel is a severely disabled precious sixteen year old boy with more than twenty medical diagnosis. Including Epilepsy, Gastric, Muscle and Bone Disease. Specialized wheelchairs and equipment are needed continuously for his basic needs. His physical and mental disabilities are extremely challenging but he is always joyful, and a pleasure to be around. Jezreel’s mother Nancy has been diagnosed with health issues; she stays at home taking care of Jezreel. Together they rely on a van service to transport Jezreel to his doctor appointments which include more than ten providers. This service is not completely reliable leaving them stranded on several occasions. Nancy is an encourager. Regardless of the circumstance (eg-hospital, home on the phone with friends or strangers, or dealing with personal issues) she will always find a way to make those around her feel uplifted. Jezreel’s Dad Jeffrey is hard working and the only employable resource in their family. Jeffrey’s focus is to always provide for Jezreel and Nancy. Jeffrey comes home after long work hours feeling tired but will alway take over to help provide for Jezreel needs. Their relationship is very special , and you can’t miss the deep love born in Christ between them. As a Father to a special need child, Jeffrey understands the emotions and concerns that all fathers experience including the many brought with disabilities. He spends a lot of his much needed rest time available and willing to provide a listening ear to anyone in need. Despite financial stress and sleepless nights caring for Jezreel, both parents find a way to give a helping hand to others. They are involved in several Non-Profit Organizations dealing with disabilities. One year Nancy was awarded Volunteer of the Year. Jeffrey, and Nancy have been married for 18 years, they still dedicate their lives to God and the child they prayed to have. They are remaining strong emotionally and spiritually knowing that God is in control. Both are dedicated to providing the best life possible for Jezreel. I know if selected to receive this van, their lives would improve greatly. This family is TRULY remarkable for many reason but most of all in how they handle the gift that God has given them in the sweet gentle form of Jezreel.