National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jim Brophy

Vacaville, CA

Entry Photo for Jim Brophy - Vacaville, CA

On August 8th, 1991 I was driving down a road in my 1951 Chevy pick-up when I was hit head on by a drunk driver going 91 miles per hour. I woke up from a 3 month coma to find out what I had gone through. Severe brain trauma and memory loss, Dislocated left hip, 2 broken legs from the knee down, a shattered right shoulder and a broken left wrist. I found my self very well taken care of by my wife and my son who has Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair.

After time in a convalescent hospital I was released to go home. I had numerous appointments at John Muir Rehab, my road to recovery is on going to this day. I learned from my son many things about being disabled, to do the things the best you can and enjoy each day to it’s fullest.

I have gone on to be V.P. of the Challenger Little League, a baseball league for disabled kids 6 through 18. I started out with 6 players to play interleague ball with handicapped kids from other cities. To this day 25 years later I now have 6 teams with 14 to 18 players on each team. Challenger Little League is the fastest growing league in Little League Baseball.

I also have driven for meals on wheels for 7 years in Martinez, CA. I have had so many people give there time to me that I feel I should and will give back to those in need. My son and wife have been there with me every day and taught me to never give up and always give what you can to somebody less fortunate. I have gone through a lot and still have problems with my memory, but if I keep working on it, It will improve.

I have also worked for Safeway food stores for 14 years and have received from the Vice President the Community Hero award for raising funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and the service excellence award. Never give up and have a good positive mind, be willing to give a little will go a long ways. God has blessed me every day.

My son can learn everything I teach him, can I learn what he is teaching me.