National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Jozie Moon

Gadsden, AL

Entry Photo for Jozie Moon - Gadsden, AL

Jozie is a 10 year old girl that lives in Gadsden. She is in third grade. She was diagnosed at three with JRA and CP. She had weakness in lower extremes of her body. In the last three years she has progressed and started losing hand control as well. She depends on her chair 90 percent of the time. We have a hard time getting her electric chair around. She is so happy and independent when she has this. She has a normal mindset but she is trapped in her own body. She has the best spirit of any little girl and more faith than anyone I know. We could use a handicapped vehicle in so many ways and would be so much easier on her and the life of her chair on how we have to transport it. Thank y’all so much and God bless.