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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Juan Serrano

Sanger, CA

Entry Photo for Juan Serrano - Sanger, CA

I nominate local hero, caregiver and dad Juan Serrano. Proud father of five children, he has three sons who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, and his oldest son is healthy and his sidekick that every great superhero has! Mom Priscilla wants so badly to physically care for her children but she has Fibromyalgia, two bulging discs and carpal tunnel. She has severe pain, uses a walker and suffers from severe depression wanting to do more for their children and help her husband. Every day is challenging and physically demanding for Juan lifting his children from bed to wheelchair, to bathe, dress, toilet and feed them, but Juan never complains. He focuses on, and is always grateful for the blessings in their life.
This family needs a wheelchair accessible van to take the children to doctor appointments and physical therapy. They want a van to go to the park or extended family gatherings together. Juan lifts each child into their current vehicle, but cannot fit the manual wheelchairs and medical stroller needed for the kids to be mobile, so they cannot go anywhere together as a family. The kids want to go to Disneyland! Mom just wants to go out to a family dinner all together.
If they had a wheelchair van they could enjoy doing things together as a family. Juan and Priscilla want their children to be active, go places outside the home and enjoy life. Pre-teen sons Dominick and Joshua can no longer walk, they want to use power wheelchairs and not always have to be pushed by someone. They don’t have the strength to push themselves. Having to rely on their dad for so much, this little bit of independence is so important to them. The boys cannot receive power wheelchairs until they can transport them, a van will bring this family independence, family time and hope for their future.
Juan is a selfless caregiver dedicating every day to caring for his children and wife. He is a hero to his family, to caregivers and the mobility challenged community. His positivity is remarkable despite his body aching from caregiving and the difficulty of watching his children grow weaker. He says he doesn’t have time to be depressed because his family needs him. He inspires us to do more for others and focus on the good things we have instead of our challenges.