National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Justin Aguilar

Trenton, NJ

Entry Photo for Justin Aguilar - Trenton, NJ

This is Justin…he is 8 years old.

Justin is totally immobile and gets around with the use of his custom wheelchair. It’s a very heavy piece of equipment. We currently use a tiny car to get around and we have to disassemble the chair, sometimes several times a day due to his many appointments.
Because of the constant taking apart and putting it into the trunk, I have had to glue parts on or replace screws. It barely fits into the trunk of the car, and with all of his bags and supplies we need to travel with, there just isn’t any room for anything extra.
I am his mother and sole caregiver, we live on the second floor of our building so having to carry him up and down the stairs is painful, then I have to deal with taking apart and putting his chair back together.
Life would be so much easier if we had an adaptive vehicle but that’s just not an option for us.
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