National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Karen Brown

Ketchikan, AK

Entry Photo for Karen Brown - Ketchikan, AK

My mom and dad are both disabled as are other immediate family members! In 2009 my moms health started to slow down as a result of degenerative disc disease fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and more. Since 2012 she doesn’t get to go anywhere on her own as she doesn’t have a way to get her scooter to and from without assistance. My dad was left broken and disabled in 2014 when hit by a truck while working at his job of 38 years! He has life long pain issues and can no longer work at the job he loved doing. We need a van that can safely get my parents out and about! Much has been put on hold as they are so tired and weak due to all their health issues. My family would benefit greatly with a van that could give them their independence back. Grandchildren growing up before their eyes, missed school and church events and family activities go by them while they sit at home frustrated. Its tough to see my best friend my mom and my dad down in the dumps due to circumstances beyond their control.

I know giving mom the ability to safely get out on her own would enrich her life and it would help dad not to have to wrench arm and back with heavy lift! Thank you