National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Karen Nettleton

Mason City, IA

Entry Photo for Karen Nettleton - Mason City, IA

My amazing sister Karen is a dedicated employee and family member. Despite her astounding achievements, one area keeps her from becoming truly independent, travel. In her daily pursuits, she is forced to rely on unreliable local transportation to get her from home and work. What should normally be an 8-ish hour day for me or you with commute time, is a 12+ hour day for her, as there is no direct route from her home to work. In addition to the lengthy public transportation’s routes, there is no guarantee of arriving to work on time to meet her schedule. Karen is unable to get out and enjoy the things you and I take for granted; going to the movies, grocery shopping, running errands, trips to the doctor or dentist and more. The thing she would enjoy the most is being able to visit with friends and family on her own schedule and through her own means. Karen has been able to overcome every obstacle she’s faced, refusing to have it slow her down. She is a dedicated employee and goes above and beyond in the workplace for her fellow employees and customers, having recently been awarded “Employee of the Month” status. Customers seek her out at every visit, knowing that she delivers a level of service that’s hard to find anywhere else. Karen extends that same level of dedication to everyone she meets, and would do anything to help anyone. Please help Karen, our true hero, gain true independence with your vote! Thank you!