National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Kayla Beasley

Austinville, VA

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My son Reece got his power chair on 4/25/16. He absolutely loves his chair. It has been a long awaited process in an effort to increase his independence in all aspects of his daily life. With use of his power chair he is able to navigate his school environment along with his peers instead of being pushed in a standard wheelchair by his aide. At this time we do not have a handicapped accessible vehicle therefore Reece can not be independent with any of our family outings/activities. He relies solely on us lifting and carrying him everywhere he needs to go. Due to his limited ability to ambulate due to his diagnosis of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy he is unable to walk in a store, at a park, or anywhere that is long distance. He is currently using a walker for ambulation but only for short distances with therapy and at home maybe 1x a day. We have tried to get financed to purchase a handicapped accessible vehicle to accommodate his chair but we were unable to. We have no idea how we will get a vehicle. Reece needs us to have a handicapped accessible vehicle to increase his independence in all environments. He deserves to be able to go to the park and ride around with his 2 younger siblings. He DESERVES to be able to navigate his way through the grocery store without the awkward looks of onlookers at him in a stroller or wheelchair. His power chair gives him the freedom to move as fast as any other normal child and faster than some can run! Can you imagine after years of barely being able to ambulate, years since you have ran, years since you’ve walked through the grocery store to experience the freedom to be able to do so again? Even, if it is with a power chair. But, without a vehicle none of this will be possible. Please help us win this vehicle for our perfect little boy! Give him and Optimus Lime ( his power chair is lime green and kind of looks like a transformer, hence the name) the chance to stroll the town!