National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Ken Biron

Prince George, BC

Entry Photo for Ken Biron - Prince George, BC

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed at 34 years old, 16 years ago in June. Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with a mental condition. During those years I had to give up my conventional vehicle and much of my life had to alter in every way. I was given a mobility scooter to enable me to have independent mobility within my community and when I travel less independently to another community. It has inspired me to become an advisor for accessibility within my local community and in my province. I sit on quite a few advisory boards in executive positions, I am known as a “Professional Volunteer” in my part time employment which is basically a public speaker, consultant and technical advisor. More recently I have began a project to map our sidewalks in Video to show where and what the barriers are that prevent access in our public spaces. I intend to do this across Northern BC so that we can be a model of accessibility throughout Canada.