National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Kimberly Lallathin

Sherrodsville, OH

Entry Photo for Kimberly Lallathin - Sherrodsville, OH

Hi There, This is my Ciara Lynn, She has 75-80%brain damage & many disabilities from dying inside of me & it taking 14min to bring her back. Now at 12yrs old it is getting too hard to lift her & her wheelchair into the rear of my Subaru, we are needing a passenger-side conversion/Wheelchair Accessible Truck to accommodate her needs & mine all in one vehicle.. We live in the country on a small farm & most of the time help is not available. So this truck would take care of her medical/physical needs & mine all in one.

I’m a single mom, on fixed income & Ciara had Medicaid so you know finances are limited. I do the best I can with what we do have, but at this time in life I am struggling & I need this to properly care for her. It is humbling to have to reach out & ask for help, but it is a true need. I want to be able to give Ciara as much of a normal life as I can, I want to be able to take her places with me & let her experience life, It crushed my heart to think that I would have to leave her behind due to transportation. Unfortunately a wheelchair accessible truck is a major expense, as with all medically necessary equipment, but the great need outweighs the financial aspect… so, we need help to achieve this. So please, if you can help us in any way, it would mean the world to us. I tried the GoFundMe thing under “Needs Wheelchair Accessible Truck” but we only have $3,000 of the $75,000 needed for this converted truck. I hope you can understand & want to help…

Thank You ~ Kimberly & Miss Ciara Lynn Go Team Ciara Go!! Whoop-whoop! 😀